Summer Reads (August Edition)

Every month, we try to give you, our listeners, some recommendations for good reads. This month, we want to do something a little different and offer up one spotlight selection, related to the Daphne du Maurier episode that you voted for on social media. While she's best known for Rebecca, du Maurier was a master of horror, especially in short form. That's why we're recommending a collection of her short stories (review by Mel). 

Don’t Look Now (2008)

Daphne Du Maurier

(Stories selected by Patrick McGrath)

Of course, everyone knows and loves du Maurier for Rebecca (rightly so), and for her other popular books Jamaica Inn and My Cousin Rachel, but she wrote some pretty amazing short stories as well. In her tales of terror, haunting, and evil, almost anything or anyone can become a threat, and her talent for crafting suspense is always on display. The most well known stories in this collection “Don’t Look Now,” “The Birds,” and “The Blue Lenses” are as disturbing and memorable as advertised, but her other tales are as tightly woven and taut with suspense.    

Enjoy the last days of summer! Halloween is nearly here. We look forward to some great and spoooooooooooky reads as the weather cools. 

Until next time. xxx-Lisa